Digital transformation changes healthcare in Poland


Digitization of healthcare in Poland

The second wave of the pandemic is once again digitizing the Polish healthcare in an accelerated manner. Most medical consultations take place by phone or online. In addition, commercial insurers contract teleconsultation services with medical facilities in large quantities. Due to the increased demand, the offer of IT tools for remote visits intended for medical facilities and private doctor’s offices has also increased significantly. – Marcin Węgrzyniak, a health expert at Pentacomp. What is important overall is that an IT tool should be comprehensive and keep pace with changes in central systems. It should provide ongoing access to the patient’s medical history and enable electronic prescriptions, electronic referrals, and electronic sick notes. What is also important is an ability to retrieve medical records, such as prescription histories, from other medical facilities.- Marcin Węgrzyniak adds. 

We invite you to read the interview with dr. MARCIN WĘGRZYNIAK, a health expert at Pentacomp, Digital transformation changes healthcare in Poland