HL7® Interoperability Conference


A great event is coming!

The 22nd International HL7® Interoperability Conference (IHIC) will take place in Warsaw on October 22-24. The meeting is being organized by HL7 Poland. It will focus on implementing interoperability standards in healthcare systems. The meeting will be a great opportunity to discuss experiences and exchange thoughts with world-class e-health experts.

Interoperability in health service.

Interoperability is a key factor in e-health projects around the world but it is often underrated. That is why Pentacomp has been actively supporting the standardization of electronic medical records in Poland for years. We are one of the creators of the Polish National Implementation (PIK) of the HL7 CDA standard, which is widely recognized in Poland as a standard for electronic medical documents. Under the provisions of the act on the information system in healthcare, it has become a specification officially in force in our country.

Pentacomp on IHIC

We have been a member of HL7 International and HL7 Polska since its inception. We believe that maintaining interoperability standards constitutes an important element of the success of polish e-health. For this reason, we feel that it is really important for us to be a part of the IHIC conference.
Our health care expert Marcin Węgrzyniak will appear as the moderator of the session carried out within “National eHealth Strategies” discussion panel. The Pentacomp team will also take part in testing our software’s compliance with interoperability profiles and standards. Michał Straczyński, Andrzej Matejko, Mateusz Żebrowski, Daniel Blacha and Tomasz Rogiński will test a proprietary system that transmits a message about patients’ electronic medical records. The solution was prepared in accordance with global standards for the exchange of information on patient documentation between various IT systems.
We invite you to participate in the conference http://ihic.info/