Central Customer Database

Your way to manage customer data

The Central Customer Database collects all customer information in one place and improves data quality through:

  • Data aggregation from various sources
  • Cleaning and standardization
  • Supplementing information from external public and commercial sources
  • Defining the Golden Customer Record.

The Central Customer Database solves issues such as:

  • Outdated, inconsistent, and hard-to-access information
  • Data scattered across numerous systems
  • Low sales and customer service efficiency
  • Risk of non-compliance with GDPR regulations.

One Central Customer Database – many benefits

For Sales and Customer Service

  • Support for customer retention processes
  • Cross-selling and up-selling

For Product Management

  • Monitoring the product lifecycle
  • Designing new products

For Marketing

  • Precisely targeting customer groups
  • Tailored marketing campaigns

Utilize the Potential of the Central Customer Database

Increase Revenues:

  • CBK helps build loyalty.
  • CBK offers new sales opportunities (e.g., cross-selling).
  • CBK supports customer retention.

Improve Security:

  • CBK supports the personal data processing process.
  • CBK ensures GDPR compliance.
  • CBK contains a central repository of consents.

Minimize Costs:

  • CBK reduces the number of complaints.
  • CBK decreases churn.
  • CBK improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Enhance NSP and Brand Rating:

  • CBK allows offers to be tailored to customer expectations.
  • CBK helps conduct communication in line with recipient preferences.
  • CBK facilitates profiling of marketing campaigns.

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