eID enables remote conclusion of contracts or submission of applications with legal power equal to the electronic signature.

To set up an account or sign a contract, the client/applicant does not have to appear in person at the service point to show proof of identity or sign any documents.

Quite often digital service processes have to be interrupted in order to confirm client’s identity. Some other pieces of information (attributes) such as address or age may be important in some types of services e.g. for media providers.

An immediate confirmation of the e-identity enables  new ways for doing business for innovative service companies. It opens the door to the e-business ecosystem.

Trusted Profile




Trusted Profile

Trusted Profile is a confirmed set of data that uniquely identifies its holder in online public services.

Nobody – except its owner – can use it. Each person who uses their trusted profile in the public entity’s on-line service is credible.

Benefits for clients:

  • Easy access to public services via simple, free solution
  • Dealling with formal issues without leaving home
  • Safe and secure way of signing documents
  • No need to use any special devices or software

Benefits for public administration:

  • Secure, easy way to confirm client identity
  • Solution with guaranteed availability – hosted and maintained in government resources
  • Improved user experience for citizens


  • Comprehensive solution for confirming identity of customers of commercial services
  • Integrated with commercial bank hub
  • Equivalent to the Trusted Profile (enabling the electronic identification in on-line public administration services)

Previously: Client had to confirm his/her identity by contacting his/her Bank.

Now: Client visiting the portal of the Service Provider wishes to buy a service. Service Provider informs the Client that his ID is necessary to close the deal. Client sends the request to the Bank via Bank Hub. Identity Provider (Bank) sends the confirmation back to the Service Provider using the Hub as an intermediary. Service Provider provides the requested service to the Client.

Benefits for clients

  • Immediate access to services requiring confirmation of identity
  • No need to appear in person at the customer service point to confirm identity and sign a contract
  • Security of personal data on the Internet

Benefits for service providers

  • Reaching new customer groups
  • Reduction of costs related to customer verification, elimination of paper documentation
  • Activation of clients in digital distribution channels
  • Minimizing the risk of harm resulting form user errors or attempts of frauds and extortions
  • Competitive advantage due to the extension of the offer with the service of confirming identity
  • Higher level of customer trust by strengthening the image as an entity guaranteeing credibility and security

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