Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental monitoring system

Our system controls compliance with environmental protection regulations, examines the state of the environment under the program of the National Environmental Monitoring. Especially our system collects data about the quality of environmental elements, including among others: air, waters, soils, noise, electromagnetic fields.

In more detail, our solution consists of the following applications:

  • JWODA – supports the monitoring of the quality of transitional and coastal waters, rivers, lakes, dam reservoirs, the sea, sediments, by gathering data in the field of physicochemical, chemical and biological elements
  • JELMAG – electromagnetic fields measurements and installations database
  • MCG – soil quality monitoring application
  • PRTR – supports tasks related to managing the National Pollutant Release and Transfer Register;
  • ISWK – supports Inspection of Environmental Control. It is used by: Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Provincial Inspectorates for Environmental Protection and establishments subject to environmental control.

Our water quality management solution allows you to follow the steps of sampling, provides monitoring reports, specific to the region and ensures that you always comply with the regulations. It allows you to plan activities related to the sampling and ensures a chain of custody. Increases visibility and indicates areas for improvement. It allows you to track changes over time and gives a full picture of the organization’s water regulations performance through comprehensive dashboards. Data can be organized by source location, parameters or region. It provides an accurate and structured electronic record of reports, which is audit-friendly. Simplifies the process of achieving and demonstrating compliance with water regulations that are relevant to your organization, regardless of industry or location.

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