INPLO Intermodal Logistics Platform

Do you want to manage transport more efficiently? Optimise your processes!

The INPLO Intermodal Logistics Platform supports the planning, monitoring, billing and management of transport. It is intended for enterprises managing transport, providing transport or forwarding services, and for trading companies and distributors.

Main benefits:

  • improvement of notification processes,
  • cost reduction,
  • real-time supply chain visibility,
  • improved customer service,
  • minimisation of human error,
  • ensuring accountability/auditability of activities at every stage of the process.

The INPLO Intermodal Logistics Platform is a set of IT tools that support logisticians and dispatchers in handling transport orders, for both road and rail transport. The smartAWI and smartTMS solutions  are equipped with a mobile application enabling communication between users. They allow you to carry out tasks that require direct contact with drivers and provide current information about events occurring on the road or rail route.

smartAWI – delivery notifications. It supports the processes of loading and unloading goods based on the delivery schedule and the shipment calendar.

smartTMS – a modern modular solution that provides insight into day-to-day transport operations: planning, monitoring, transport mode management and billing. More about smartTMS

TMS consulting – process analysis aimed at assessing the potential of digitisation of logistics operations.


INPLO Intermodal Logistics Platform Tools

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