Smart Grid – intelligent solutions in power engineering

Today, development of energy sector depends on comprehensive solutions and investing in Smart Grid. Thanks to cooperation with our Partners we help our Clients meet the challenges of building innovative, intelligent energy. Smart Grid supports management of production, storing and distribution of electricity, including elements and sub-assemblies of power grid. Furthermore, it integrates networks infrastructure, inteligent electric metres, metering and renewable energy sources. Its main goal is to entrench energy supplies in the most productive, safe and indefactible way.

Smart Grids benefits are:

  • Effective shipment of electric power
  • Fast and often automated restoration of shipments after power failures
  • Reduced operating and management for utilities, and ultimately lower energy costs for recipients
  • Flattening of peak demand, which contributes to lowering electricity rates
  • Better integration of energy generating systems, including renewable energy systems
  • Increased shipments infallibility

Components of Smart Grid

Smart Metering

The basis of the Smart Grid concept is a smart meter. It takes measurements in real time, which enables two-way communication through a channel that is both safe and independent from transmission medium. Due to application of cryptography it ensures the highest level of security. Advanced measuring techniques provide user with information about efficient energy use and enable implementation of DSR for industrial customers.


In the design of the possibilities of Smart Grid the integration of supervisory control system and data acquisition (SCADA) is desirable. The system supervises and controls the elements of electrical grid through the set of advanced analytical and computational functions. As a result, it is possible to achieve the remote monitoring and network device control in order to accomplish reliability and system performance. Pentacomp cooperates with leading SCADA equipment manufacturers. The unique combination of agile approach to software development by Pentacomp and perennial equipment experience in the energy sector as well as public utility of our Partners enables the offering of comprehensive solutions of highest quality:

  1. The automation of electricity system for MV and HV grid – the variable size, computing power and functional scope, the cooperation with supervisory control system of different manufacturers, implementation of IEC61850 standard.
  2. Remote control systems – scalable solutions, variable types of connectivity solutions, open communication protocols, data concentration, the conversion of protocols.
  3. IT/OT SCADA system – system of the real time, dispatch platform, OMS – the aggregation and data analysis of power failure, work organization and inclusion. Integration with business systems of the third part, e.g. AN, GIS, others.


Central Measuring Base

The key element of networks infrastructure is MDM (Meter Data Management). This application downloads and stores data from smart meters. It can be used for information administration and analyses. As a result, user gains more control and can monitor network. This significantly improves customer service through more effective demand forecasts and preparation of the right sales offer. Moreover, it enables the elimination of illegal energy consumption and motivates users to save it. In order for MDM system to remain efficient , it is necessary to use an appropriate, diverse data model. Owing to that operation it is possible to process and share collected data.


The indispensable part of service, for sales and distribution of energy, is a high quality billing system. Its implementation requires integration with measuring systems as well as with reading data acquisition, and above all a properly carried out data migration process. Billing system helps with analyzing large data volumens, which enables effective management of the entire sales process. This solution allows service processes to be automated, which ensures a higher level of security as well as a certainty of data entering.


Depending on the client’s needs, the functional scope of the billing system may include:

  • information about customers
  • contracts
  • measuring devices management
  • technical suport
  • rates, price calculation
  • meter readings
  • settling of accounts
  • debt collection

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