Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI/ML – technologies that are changing the world

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are powerful tools of business analysis. They are used across a wide range of sectors, opening up new opportunities and improving the effectivities of companies’ activities. The management of AI and ML processes requires robust resources for the processing, classification and analysis of massive amounts of data.

At Pentacomp, we are building complex AI/ML platforms, providing our clients with information for further analysis in a simple and transparent way.

AI/ML applications based on Pentacomp’s experience

AI/ML case study

Industry: Healthcare

Objective: Digital dissemination of information on the population’s health status and the realisation of health programmes for the purposes of disease prevention and health promotion in Poland.


  • Possibility to use machine learning methods without any programming knowledge.
  • Possibility to build one’s own client app.
  • Universality in the range of data used in analyses.
  • Access to data reports on public health and the socio-economic situation provided by other institutions.
  • Data from external sources are periodically refreshed in the Client base, which ensures users gain insights into the latest statistics.

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