Business Intelligence

We help you make the best business decisions

We have a dozen years’ experience in the area of building Business intelligence systems. We have acquired it by doing projects for market leaders in the telecommunications, finance, and public administration sectors. Our main advantages are our ability to choose solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and our ability to combine technology with specialist industry knowledge.

With the help of Business Intelligence solutions, we help transform raw data into valuable information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into decisions. We provide tools through which our clients gain insight into what is really going on with their business. They use the data to plan, manage more efficiently, and become more competitive. Our BI systems are based on tools from the market leaders: Oracle, SAS Institute, Microsoft, SAP, and MicroStrategy.

Solutions designed to increase productivity

Knowledge learned from data

We provide analytical and reporting solutions for OLAP Data Mining and a management dashboard. We help analyze, draw conclusions, and keep your finger on the pulse.

Metadata potential

We implement business and technical metadata management and operational tools. We provide new potential to optimize your business.

Data under control

We build and comprehensively set up data warehouses, including the mechanisms for downloading transforming and cleansing data (ETL and DO). We discover the power that lies in information.

Data management supported by expert knowledge

  • we conduct audits and analyses which allow you to diagnose problems and needs and to match the optimal solutions

  • we build and comprehensively set up analytical and Master Data Management reporting solutions for reference data management

  • support our solutions in terms of monitoring, administration, optimization, and development

  • we provide training and consulting services in the areas of BI and HD

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