Data Governance – a new dimension of management

Data from multiple sources require a reliable approach to their processing, analysis, management, protection and monitoring, and a determination of rules and standards. Such a set of good practices in data management is referred to as Data Governance.

Pentacomp experts will assist in the implementation of full automation of control and quality assessment mechanisms for your organisation’s data. They will implement tools for the collection and presentation of findings from data analysis in the form of dedicated reports. They will also develop a data management strategy, and will determine a set of rules by assigning new roles in the organisation. As a result, you will be able to streamline compliance with standards and data supervision in your organisation.

Benefits of data management

Data Governance with Pentacomp – a new information revolution

  • Benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of leading specialists in the field of Data Governance.
  • Equip your company with automated mechanisms of data control and quality assessment.
  • Allow for the collection and presentation of data in the form of dedicated reports.
  • Minimize the workload associated with the manual merging of data from multiple sources.

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