Service-based integration

PentaSOA is an integrated software package that allows you to build a flexible, efficient, and scalable communication environment between systems. Based on this proprietary set of tools, we design, create, and maintain integration solutions.

PentaSOA forms the backbone of the physical corporate architecture based on Service Oriented Architecture and facilitates proper connections between IT systems. It enables services to be shared and new ones to be added quickly. SOA makes them easier to control, modify, and manage.

What do you gain from PentaSOA?


The design of the solution ensures high performance and it supports scalability. It flexibly adapts to changing needs and allows for evolutionary integration with other systems in the organization.

Reduction in implementation costs

Our proprietary PentaSOA platform is competitively priced compared to the commercial solutions available on the market.

Knowledge Transfer

We carry out audits and verify integration needs. We advise companies on the implementation of service-oriented corporate architecture and help fully use its potential.

PentaSOA services

  • electronic signature support and time stamping
  • identity and permission management
  • event logging and incident management

The key elements of the solution are public key infrastructure (PKI), identity management (IDM), and single sign-on (SSO) authentication services. The services are provided as part of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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