Professional technical service of systems

Even the best thought-out business strategy can be difficult to implement if it is not supported by appropriate IT tools. However, you need the right technical care in order to unleash their full potential. Professional service and development services are necessary not only to remove failures, but also to allow the continuous adjustment of solutions to changing needs.

Our experts supervise the work and efficiency of IT solutions. They minimize the risk of time-consuming and costly downtime and they perform necessary software modifications. We maintain and implement dedicated solutions supplied by other contractors.

Efficient performance of your systems

Full service support

We provide a full range of maintenance services for systems created in a number of technologies. We take care of reports, we diagnose, remove errors and fix failures, we take care of software modifications and development.

Business continuity

The care of your IT systems, ensuring the continuity of important business operations, is based on individual service level agreements (SLAs). The terms are set according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Good practices

The systems are serviced by a specially selected team of experts. Our team stays on top of the current knowledge about the structure and function of the solution, creates testing mechanisms, and updates the documentation. Thanks to this, we are able to efficiently respond to unexpected situations.

Technical service leader

  • we develop service procedures that are tailored to the system and customer requirements
  • we handle reports and notifications through various channels: e-mail, phone, and electronic messaging systems
  • we use competitive billing models

We have 25 years’ experience in the efficient operation of IT systems in various environments. We specialize in servicing high-availability systems and in taking over maintenance services from other contractors.

Put the maintenance of your IT systems in safe hands.

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