Professional IT service

In the case of complex or scalable IT projects and contracts that do not define the final shape of an IT solution at the start, it is difficult to predict what team profile will be best for the project.

Which specialists should be hired? How many and for how long? Fortunately, you don’t have to answer these questions right away. Outsourcing comes to the rescue with IT services and competences. These services allow for the selection and hiring of specialists with specific qualifications and experience for a specific project, process, or task.

Expert support at every stage of the project

Analysis and consulting

Do you need a fresh look at your company’s corporate architecture? Do you have a problem with processes, the choice of an IT solution, or infrastructure? Our business consultants and technical experts will tell you which path to take.

Construction and implementation of IT systems

Every day, we comprehensively create and implement IT systems. However, we will gladly support you with our competences at any stage of the project. Our analysts, designers, programmers, testers, and system administrators can power your team.

Service and maintenance

Your current supplier isn’t able to ensure the adequate availability and efficiency of your IT solution? We can replace them. We have been maintaining our client systems for years, including high-availability systems (HA). We took over many of them from other contractors.

Take advantage of the experience of our experts.

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