An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

IT Security

The value of information in the modern world is incalculable, and sensitive data have become a very attractive target for cyber-criminals. Hacking into information systems has become so common that only cases concerning the largest institutions are catching the public eye.

However, the problem also occurs in small and medium-sized companies. Hackers use tools that automatically scan the network and search for security vulnerabilities. So, we are not asking whether you will be the target of a cyber-attack, but whether you are prepared for it. The key to ensuring the proper level of security is to correctly understand the threats and take precautions in order to prevent an attack.

IT systems security tests

Our package of IT services and solutions includes IT security audits and tests, thanks to which we can practically assess how your company’s network is exposed to unwanted visits. We also offer network monitoring, which acts as an additional protection of invaluable data and information.

Our priority is to care for your security

Security testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications

We check if the systems are properly secured by subjecting them to simulated, controlled attacks.


Social engineering tests (phishing campaigns)

Phishing is one of the most popular types of cyberattacks, which involves impersonating a trusted source to deceive the victim and persuade them to disclose confidential information.


IT environment security audit

The purpose of the IT environment security audit is to check the correctness of configuration and potential errors on the server side.


Security testing of OT environment

OT (Operational Technology) security refers to protecting industrial control and automation systems, as well as other devices or processes critical to various industries.


Security audit of IoT devices

The security audit of IoT environment includes assessment and analysis of devices, networks, communication protocols, and other components of the IoT system.


Database security

Actions helping to maintain and improve the performance of databases, which translates into the overall reliability of the system.


Source code audit

Assessment and verification of source code are integral parts of the software development process.


Compliance Audit with KRI and ISO 27001 Standard

Audyt zgodności stanowi kluczowy element zapewniający bezpieczeństwo i efektywność zarządzania informacją.


Compliance Audit with NCS and GDPR

Evaluation of the company’s readiness to fulfill obligations arising from the National Cybersecurity System Act and GDPR regulations.


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