An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The value of information in the modern world is incalculable, and sensitive data have become a very attractive target for cyber-criminals. Hacking into information systems has become so common that only cases concerning the largest institutions are catching the public eye.

However, the problem also occurs in small and medium-sized companies. Hackers use tools that automatically scan the network and search for security vulnerabilities. So, we are not asking whether you will be the target of a cyber-attack, but whether you are prepared for it. The key to ensuring the proper level of security is to correctly understand the threats and take precautions in order to prevent an attack.

Our priority is to care for your security

Security tests

We check whether the systems are properly secured by subjecting them to simulated, controlled attacks. We identify weak points which are particularly vulnerable to threats.


We verify that the source code is high-quality and the systems are built in accordance with the standards in a way that guarantees security. We also check whether sensitive data are properly protected.


We implement solutions that scan the inner network on an ongoing basis. They check whether the security system has been breached and correctly identify any vulnerabilities.

Security is the number one priority – trust the experts

We have 25 years of experience in creating and implementing strategic solutions for the largest institutions in the country. Security issues are a top priority for us. Take advantage of our abilities. By analyzing and testing your software, we will assess its vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

We will identify and point out key problems, irregularities, and risks and make recommendations about the next steps.

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