NCTS – New Computerized Transit System


Economy of all states: members and candidates for future accession. Millions of transit documents and TIR carnets are issued every year and these figures are still rising. The fast control of such processes would be impossible without general computerization.

The key objectives of the NCTS are:

  • To cover the maintenance of transit procedures to increase its efficiency and productivity
  • To support the prevention and detection of potential frauds
  • To speed up both the transaction processing and, as a result, the international movements of goods
  • To raise the security level of international trade & commerce

Following current phase of the EC guidelines for further NCTS development Pentacomp has built and implemented the newest version of NCTS solution within the operational area of Polish Customs (NCTS PL, called also NCTS2). Current release is completely redeveloped using the latest coding techniques and best programming practices, finally delivering the newest State-Of-The-Art, complete systemic solution.

The key features of NCTS2 are:

  • Web based replacement of MCC cover all functionality of MCC without Guarantee Management System. User interface is similar to MCC (selecting of office role, state tabs in each role, declaration display with navigation tree), but some changes has been made in enquiry and recovery functionalities. Also filtering capabilities were improved.
  • Web based Administration application with current admin tool functionality, and additional features like:
    • business message monitoring with re-sending and re-generation and log view
    • technical messages exchanged with national systems
    • national system communication status monitoring
    • management of users of both applications and their access rights with user activity log view
    • business and technical log viewer
    • maintenance of reference data
    • statistics generation
    • management of other NTA applications unavailability
    • business parameters configuration, including timers duration management
    • business application user impersonate functionality with read only access
    • registration data view of national traders, with simplified procedure customs decisions data

The newest NCTS2 by Pentacomp can be easily adopted and implemented in all states and customs administrations providing both the competitive cost of migration and compliance with the current functional and technical requirements and also bringing the unique system efficiency and stability at once.