Database verification

We verify our clients’ databases through a thorough review aimed at ensuring correctness, efficiency, and consistency of data structures. These actions help to maintain and improve the performance of databases, which translates into the overall reliability of the system.

The scope of database verification includes:

  • analysis of the database structure
  • identification of duplicate indexes
  • generation of primary keys
  • detection of logical errors in database procedures and functions
  • detection of unused parameters in database procedures and functions
  • query optimization.


What will you gain?

Improved efficiency

Audit plays a key role in security and efficiency management. It enables problem identification and optimization of database structure and performance.


Elimination of errors, identification of irregularities, and implementation of recommended corrective actions increase database security. It enhances resilience to attacks and the speed of incident response, as well as helps maintain compliance with security standards.

Technology update

Database auditing allows organizations to adapt to dynamically changing business conditions and helps in the optimal and secure use of database technologies.