e-Prescription Connector

Simple Integration with e-Prescription

The e-Prescription Connector is a tool that supports the process of issuing and canceling electronic prescriptions and serves as an integration layer between the office system and the P1 system. The application provides functions for generating and saving XML documents in accordance with the current versions of PIK HL7 CDA and the latest guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

Integrating the office system with P1 using the e-Prescription Connector protects against costs associated with subsequent system updates to new versions of PIK HL7 CDA.

The only thing to take care of is the proper preparation of the data. We guide you on how to do it correctly.

Why Choose the e-Prescription Connector?


The P1 system provides a range of services for recording and reading electronic prescriptions based on XML documents. The e-Prescription Connector supports the process of issuing and canceling prescriptions in a simple and intuitive way.



Implementing the e-Prescription Connector minimizes costs associated with updating the office system to new versions of PIK HL7 CDA.



Thanks to the Connector, the office system is always compliant with current regulations and guidelines from the Ministry of Health.


Choose Connector and integrate with e-prescription

  •  Integration through the e-Prescription Connector eliminates the need for specialized knowledge and skills in building XML documents according to the adopted standard.
  • Support service includes notifications of changes, delivery of updates, and instructions describing necessary actions.
  • We provide support by a team of experts directly involved in building the P1 System.

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