Efficient Referral Processing

The e-Referral Connector generates an XML document based on data transferred from the office system. It uses implemented HL7 CDA referral templates that comply with the standards required by System P1.

Integration with System P1 is the responsibility of the entity performing medical activities. This must be done in accordance with the integration documentation and procedure indicated by CSIOZ. To simplify and expedite this process and significantly reduce its cost, we propose a solution through which data exchange between the service provider’s office system and System P1 is conducted.

Why Choose the e-Referral Connector?


Software updates include adapting the e-Referral Connector to changes resulting from legal provisions, changes in the PIK HL7 CDA, and changes in business verification rules applied in System P1.


Implementing the e-Referral Connector minimizes costs associated with integrating with System P1 and updating the office system to new versions of PIK HL7 CDA.



With the e-Referral Connector, each document automatically receives a unique number, and the process of issuing referrals is simple and intuitive.


A Tool to Facilitate Integration with System P1

  • Implementing the e-Referral Connector means no additional costs related to training technical staff in HL7 standards and the use of OID.
  • We provide expert support from professionals who are directly involved in the development of System P1 daily.
  • We offer the possibility to implement Connectors for other System P1 services: retrieving POZ declarations issued by patients on the Internet Patient Account, access for medical entities and pharmacies to patients’ prescriptions (access provided with the patient’s consent).

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