Solution designed for the handling of sensitive goods transport

The eAD Module supports the process of moving excise goods under the excise duty suspension procedure. The solution handles the mandatory procedures for the registration and management of excise goods movements.

The application is a ready-to-implement solution fully compatible with the Ministry of Finance’s EMCS PL 2 system. The sensitive commercial data processed by the system is fully secure – stored directly in the client’s infrastructure, not in the cloud. The solution is stable and has been reliably operating since the inception of EMCS PL in 2011.

Fast, effective, secure


When the eAD document sent by the client is approved, the system will charge the sender’s excise security. Upon receipt of the acceptance report sent by the recipient, the security will be automatically released.


Before shipping, the system will automatically verify each contractor in the European SEED database (System for Exchange of Excise Data).


Instant communication with EMCS PL 2 ensures free circulation of excise goods and time savings. The tool operates quickly and intuitively. It allows for the creation of custom templates, and once-entered content is suggested for reuse.

Intuitiveness and simplicity that support your business

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  • simple operation via web browser
  • comprehensive integration with ERP systems with the possibility of making changes
  • data verification capabilities in OSOZ systems (National System for Handling Securities and Permits).

Implementing the eAD Module significantly reduces the TCO of the process of moving excise goods under the excise duty suspension procedure.


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