Tool supporting companies in handling the electronic delivery document (e-DD).

The Electronic Delivery Document (e-DD) has replaced the paper documents previously used for the movement of excise-exempt goods due to their intended use and goods taxed at a zero excise rate. The eDD Module is a tool supporting entrepreneurs in handling the electronic delivery document (e-DD). It ensures efficient communication with the Ministry of Finance related to sending and receiving messages.

The eDD Module is fully integrated with the EMCS PL2 system and the OSOZ2 system handling excise securities. Thanks to the delivery register and a complete history of operations and messages, you will always keep a finger on the pulse.

We optimize trading in sensitive directions


To ensure data security, we use our experience in creating central public solutions for processing sensitive data. You can be calm – your company information will be equally safe in the Module, additionally stored directly in your company infrastructure, not in the cloud.


Implementing the application significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with the handling of excise goods movements. Affordable service and a one-time license fee are additional arguments for choosing the eDD Module.


The module is compatible and integrated with the electronic Delivery Document developed by the Ministry of Finance under EMCS PL 2. On request, we also integrate with ERP systems. We offer the possibility of making necessary changes or customizing the Module to specific requirements.

Choose a proven solution with useful features

Log in to PentaTAX, choose the eDD Module, and take advantage of:

  • The ability to create templates
  • A reporting module
  • Support for qualified and non-qualified electronic signatures
  • Expertise in creating solutions for companies subject to the excise tax law or the road and rail goods transport monitoring system law.

We are responsible for the creation and implementation of the EMCS PL 2 system at the Ministry of Finance.

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