Maintain Medical Records in Compliance with Legal Regulations

The EDM Exchange Connector is a tool that supports the process of sending, sharing, and retrieving Electronic Medical Documentation (EDM) from other medical facilities. The application is designed for installation in the Client’s medical system. It serves as an integration layer between the office system and the P1 System. EDM exchange significantly facilitates patient access to medical documentation beyond the facility where it was created.

Why Choose the EDM Exchange Connector?


Simple sending, sharing, and retrieval of EDM documentation.


Enables the saving, searching, reading, updating, and canceling of the EDM index.


The tool is fully integrated with other e-Health Platform applications, streamlining communication with the P1 System.


The EDM Exchange Connector facilitates access to medical documentation

  • The EDM Exchange Connector facilitates access to medical documentation, supporting the process in which medical records created and stored in healthcare entities follow the patient.
  • We provide the assistance of Pentacomp experts who participated in the preparation of central registers of patient medical documentation and information about medical events.
  • We offer the possibility of implementing Connectors for other P1 System services.


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