EDM Generator Connector

Easy access to medical documentation

Implementing the EDM Generator Connector allows medical facilities to extend access to patient electronic medical documentation and fulfill legal regulations governed by the Ministry of Health regarding the obligation to maintain electronic medical documentation. The connector for generating EDM (EDM Generator) is a tool that supports the process of generating and signing an EDM document in any domain/office system of the client.

Types of generated documents: Hospital/Spa treatment information card, information for the referring POZ doctor, laboratory test report, diagnostic test description, referral, prescription, cancellation document.

Features of the EDM Generator Connector


The EDM Generator generates XML documents according to the Polish National Implementation HL7 CDA version 1.3.2 standard.


The EDM Generator provides a dedicated service for verifying the correctness of the XSD schema and compliance with schematron rules.



The tool allows for signing XML documents with a ZUS personal certificate compliant with the PIK HL7 CDA version 1.3.2 standard.


Choose the EDM Generator Connector and gain

  • The possibility of pre-implementation consultations to adapt the domain system to cooperate with the Connector.
  • Training workshops for the client’s representatives.
  • Support in the installation and configuration of the connector, and post-implementation consultations.
  • Software updates resulting from changes to the PIK HL7 CDA in the scope of the delivered EDM template.
  • A license to use the provided software and documentation.

Contact an expert


Michał Paluch

Product Manager for the e-Health Sector
+48 531 548 304 HEALTH@PENTACOMP.PL