Solution supports the process of moving excise goods with paid excise

The PentaTax platform module handles both the EMCS system messages resulting from the EU system specifications and national messages. The implementation of the eSAD Module facilitates compliance with national excise regulations related to the movement of excise goods with paid excise and fully denatured alcohol between Member States. Additionally, it contributes to streamlining the movement process.

Support for handling intra-EU movements of excise goods:

Cost Optimization

The implementation of the eSAD Module will optimize costs by tailoring the implementation to the specifics of the entity’s operations.


The entire implementation is verified by lawyers, and the record of communication ensures legal security in the event of a legal dispute with the National Tax Administration.

Easy Document Exchange

The eSAD Module provides electronic document exchange between the company and the Ministry of Finance’s EMCS PL 2 system.

e-SAD Electronic Revolution

A comprehensive approach to the solution in cooperation with Pentacomp ensures:

  • Consultations on the operation of the EMCS PL 2 system (including eSAD).
  • Record of all communication with EMCS PL 2.
  • Access to Pentacomp’s expertise in implementing time-critical projects.

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