New excise law

Pentacomp experts have prepared an Excise Records Module that allows compliance with the requirements arising from the amendment to the excise law. The introduction of mandatory excise records exclusively in electronic form has been announced. Therefore, all paper versions of the records should be replaced with an electronic version. Lack of electronic excise records is associated with criminal and fiscal liability.

The module will be adapted to send excise records to the Central Excise Products Registry (CEWA). The planned launch date for CEWA for entrepreneurs is 01.02.24. However, the regulations provide for an 18-month transitional period that will only cover entities maintaining excise records in electronic form.



The excise records module meets the requirements of excise regulations:

  • Insight into the content of entries made
  • Corrections marked with the date and information about the person making the correction
  • No possibility of deleting entries
  • Generating reports from records

If you decide to use our eDD or eAD modules, making the relevant entries in these modules will automatically add the appropriate record to the log.

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