IT environment security audit

Configuration verification and identification of potential server-side errors

The aim of such tests is to verify the correctness of security mechanisms configuration in the infrastructure, including network devices, servers, storage arrays, operating systems, network services, and server applications such as application servers or databases.

The results of automated tests conducted in a given environment are precisely analyzed by the testing team. This process relies on searching known vulnerability databases such as NVD, CVEDetails, Exploit-DB, NullByte, and other online resources. Its goal is to identify potential security gaps in the identified and verified versions of applications. The obtained results are then thoroughly analyzed in the context of preparing attack simulations.

Benefits of IT environment security research

Preventing security incidents

Identifying potential threats that may pose a risk to sensitive data security.

Securing data confidentiality

An audit helps identify areas where data may be at risk of confidentiality loss.

Increasing system security

Implementing security audit recommendations contributes to increasing system resilience to various types of attacks.