Medical Event Connector

Creating a Medical Event

The Medical Event Connector is a tool that supports the process of creating a medical event and serves as an integration layer between the office system and System P1.

Why Choose the Medical Event Connector?


The application performs functions of generating and saving medical events according to the current version of the integration documentation of System P1.




Integration of the office system with P1 through the Medical Event Connector prevents incurring costs related to subsequent system updates to new versions of the integration documentation.



Thanks to the Connector, the office system is always compliant with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Medical events on the P1 Platform are recorded according to the HL7 FHIR standard.


Choose the Connector and Integrate with P1

  • Ensure the proper preparation of data. We are happy to advise on how to do this correctly.
  • The tool supports the secure registration of Medical Events and the retrieval of Medical Events from the P1 Platform by generating a token.
  • We provide support through a team of experts directly involved in the construction of System P1.

Contact an expert


Michał Paluch

Product Manager for the e-Health Sector
+48 531 548 304 HEALTH@PENTAACOMP.PL