Patient Consent Connector

Quick Access to Patient Data

The Patient Consent Connector is a tool that enables medical staff to gain access to patient data from the P1 System. During a visit, the medical staff can request access to medical data in the P1 System if the patient has not previously authorized the medical facility through the Internet Patient Account (IKP).


Why Choose the Patient Consent Connector?


Access to patient data is conducted in accordance with the security and confidentiality principles of medical document exchange. The patient will receive an SMS token, which must then be provided to the medical staff. Communication regarding data access requests and token transfer is managed through the Patient Consent Connector.


By integrating the office system with P1 through the Patient Consent Connector, it is possible to view and register all patient consents necessary to undertake the appropriate treatment process.



Obtaining patient consent for access to documentation during the visit involves declaring the scope of consent, requesting the sending of a one-time authorization password, and providing the password to the P1 Platform.


Patient Consent Connector provides faster access to data

  • The Patient Consent Connector provides faster access to data and ensures secure completion of all consents for treatment solely in electronic form.
  • The signed consent is automatically recorded in the patient’s documentation.
  • We provide the assistance of Pentacomp experts who participated in the preparation of central registers of patient medical documentation and information about medical events.

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