The Patient Portal is a remote link between a medical facility and its patients.

The Patient Portal is a remote communication center between a medical facility and its patients. It streamlines contact outside the doctor’s office and ensures its continuity.

Through the application, patients can:

  • Register themselves for selected medical services
  • Order prescriptions online for regularly taken medications
  • Manage their medical documentation

All without leaving home and without phone calls! All you need is internet access, a browser, and an Individual Patient Account.

Thanks to the portal, medical staff have up-to-date information on:

  • Reserved appointments
  • Prescription orders
  • Patient opinions on service quality Portal.



Patient Portal – Benefits for Patients:

  • Full information on available appointment slots
  • Convenient registration
  • Control over documentation, access to test results, and medical recommendations
  • Ability to remotely ask questions about test results
  • Remote ordering of prescriptions
  • Opportunity to give feedback on the facility and service quality

Patient Portal – Benefits for the Medical Facility:

  • Efficient and ongoing communication with patients
  • Relief for staff and reduction of queues in facilities
  • Organization of data through system integration
  • Minimization of non-compliance risks
  • Collecting patient feedback on the facility and service quality
  • Ability to conduct statistics and analyses

Patient Portal – Selected Features:

  • Online registration
  • Online prescriptions
  • Visit history and medical documentation
  • Consent management
  • Presenting information relevant to patients
  • Creating interview and survey forms


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