Security audit of IoT devices

Analysis of devices, networks, communication protocols, and other components of the IoT system

The security audit of the IoT environment focuses on identifying potential threats and indicating ways to strengthen the protection of devices comprising the system. It is a complex process that requires an interdisciplinary approach, considering both technical and organizational aspects. Due to the dynamic nature of cyber threats, regular updates and security reviews are crucial for maintaining effective protection in the IoT environment.

Key audit areas include:

  • physical and logical device layers
  • communication between devices
  • device software security
  • network security
  • identity and access management
  • data security.

Benefits of IoT device security audit

Protection against cyber attacks

The results of security level assessment help strengthen protection against cyber attacks as well as manipulations and unauthorized modifications.

Risk management

The audit helps maintain data confidentiality, protect against data loss, and minimize risks.

Compliance with regulations

The audit verifies whether the organization complies with regulations and data protection laws. It identifies potential areas for improvement and provides guidance on preventing information leaks.