Streamline the transportation of sensitive goods and increase the efficiency of your business

Companies involved in the shipment, receipt, or transportation of sensitive goods are required to register each shipment via the PUESC electronic platform of the Ministry of Finance. Pentacomp, to facilitate compliance with this statutory obligation, offers the SENT module within the PentaTAX Platform.

The SENT module supports the sending of notifications to the SENT electronic registry, mandatory for entities trading in sensitive goods. The tool facilitates communication between shippers, receivers, and carriers. Reporting the transport of even a large number of goods takes only 40 seconds! This is a true revolution in handling the transportation of sensitive goods, offering companies covered by the law an opportunity to streamline the process and generate profits more quickly.

The SENT module enables the immediate sending and updating of data required by law. With the application, you gain resilience against costly delays and penalties, and efficient online reporting of sensitive goods will translate into more effective business operations.

Maximize profits, minimize risk

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