Code quality assessment

Code assessment and verification are integral parts of the software development process. Audit is a comprehensive service aimed at assessing the quality of the analyzed code in terms of its scalability, maintainability, correctness, stability, and identification of potential security threats. Our experts will also check the completeness and clarity of the documentation. We believe that properly described code contributes to the overall quality and durability of the project.

What does the source code audit include?

  • System and documentation review
  • Static code analysis
  • Verification of various types of errors
  • Verification of code security vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of code documentation quality
  • Code commenting practices for conciseness, accuracy, and relevance
  • Summary and report

What will you gain from the code audit?


The results of the code audit serve to take action towards ensuring the stability of systems and data storage security. They also include practical tips for software development.


Code verification allows the detection of potential security gaps. Their elimination is associated with improving performance and increasing the security of the entire system.

Expert project support

We provide professional support in creating high-quality systems that are easy to understand, debug, test, and modify.