myID: universal identification

myID: universal identification


Fintech (finance technology) has an increasingly important role in the evolution of needs of the banking sector. The idea of “digital acceleration” serves as an answer to those needs, and thus forms part of the government programme “From Paper-Based to Paperless Poland”. The National Clearing House (KIR) has a special role to play in the realisation of the programme. As a key entity in the Polish payment system infrastructure, the organisation actively supports the development of the financial sector, being an R&D hub and an innovative shared services centre. As commissioned by KIR, Pentacomp, in cooperation with Accenture, has developed a system of digital identity verification – myID.


The main function of myID is a digital identity verification service for websites. It works similarly to the ePUAP Trusted Profile platform but is directed towards commercial entities. Each project has its challenges. In the case of myID, one of the biggest challenges was to reconcile a number of different interest groups involved. Banks, commercial service providers and private customers are distinct groups functioning in different legal environments. As the solution’s co-creators, we had to gain a good understanding of each.

At the same time, the system needed to be ergonomic and user-friendly. The myID service comprises numerous complex processes occurring repeatedly in the course of one operation performed by the user. Their complexity should, however, be unnoticeable. Another major challenge was the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


In collaboration with Accenture, Pentacomp has developed a comprehensive system of identity verification and operation authorisation. Identification and reconciliation of interests of different stakeholders involved in the service realisation process was made possible thanks to close cooperation with the parties and process owners.

At the stage of GDPR implementation, Pentacomp was able to use its expertise gained from a simultaneously running project in which an IT tool was being developed for large organisations to help them adjust to the new regulation. The implemented solutions allowed for the creation of an intuitive and secure system compliant with various regulatory environments, bringing the financial sector to a new level of digital services provision.


The myID system, co-created by Pentacomp, allows KIR to expand its range of services and offer a unique solution. The system helps banks meet the needs of today’s consumers valuing modern solutions in line with their fast-paced lifestyle. The solution ensures comfort thanks to the convenience and accessibility of digital services, while guaranteeing data security. When the system is launched by KIR, consumers will be able to verify their identity remotely. Registering for a Provider service or recovering lost login credentials will not require an in-person visit to a service point. Instead, myID will redirect the customer from the Provider website to their bank portal where they will be able to verify the operation with a strong authentication tool such as an SMS code. The bank will then be able to perform the authentication and authorise the operation.


The myID service allows the banking sector to play a new role – that of an Identity Provider for commercial service providers. Remote identity verification is an attractive solution from the point of view of customers, while increasing the credibility of identity providers. Using digital services requiring identity verification (e.g. insurance societies, media providers, healthcare providers) will be a safe and simple task for consumers. Service providers, on the other hand, will benefit from improved business quality, cost reductions and increased turnover thanks to the improved service accessibility.