National Electronic Register of Road Transport Entrepreneurs (KREPTD): a difficult road, first to the finish line

National Electronic Register of Road Transport Entrepreneurs (KREPTD)


Each EU member state is obliged to keep an electronic register of road transport operators which gathers information about carriers and drivers. Since 2013, all national registers are linked via a system called ERRU (European Register of Road Transport Undertakings) – a complete database of registers.

Polish enterprises account for around 25% of the European transport market and yet, many years had passed before the register was established. The General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD), appointed to control compliance with road transport law, was responsible for setting up the register. GITD is also in charge of improving safety and social conditions in road transport, limiting road degradation, and protecting the transport market from violations of the principles of fair competition.


The choice of the right Contractor occurred under difficult circumstances and a lot of pressure. Time and credibility were key considerations. In the end, GITD selected Pentacomp’s proposal via a tender process. In this case, price was not the most important factor – the greatest weight was placed on the substantive evaluation of the proposal. The decision was also supported by the client’s previous experience with Pentacomp. Since 2014, we maintain and develop the Central Register of Infringements – we have therefore been known as a solid contractor for quite some time.


Time pressure pushed us to simultaneously conduct analytical work, implementation work and testing. It was one of the most difficult projects in Pentacomp’s history, but the 55-person executive team put their heart and soul into their work to achieve the best possible result.

On September 13, 2017, we were ready to announce the project’s successful completion: over the course of 4 months, we had managed to design, develop and implement the KREPTD register. As a result, our client can boast the fastest register implementation in all of the EU. In other countries, the project took 2 years on average. The KREPTD application fully met the EU directives’ requirements already on its launch day. Currently, we are still responsible for its maintenance and development.


KREPTD is used for much more than just infringement detection in transport companies. It ensures smooth communication between entities granting transport permissions, transport companies, entrepreneurs using their services, and control bodies.

Some of the data gathered in the system is publicly available. Entrepreneurs looking for a transport carrier can easily review different operators and verify their credibility. County offices and control bodies have, on the other hand, gained the possibility to integrate their own communication and information systems with KREPTD, which considerably accelerates and facilities their activities. What can it lead to?

By choosing Pentacomp as the project’s contractor, the client not only met the prescribed deadline and demonstrated operational efficiency before the European Parliament, but also gained a useful tool for its work activities. The KREPTD system allows GITD to conduct efficient analyses and studies of trends in road transport. It is particularly important today as Poland is becoming a leader in the transportation and logistics industry.