Innovative Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

We provide our customers with SaaS solutions. This means they do not have to invest in hardware or worry about software installation and updates

Our customers use the most current versions of software in their daily work. We adapt our solutions to changes in regulations on an ongoing basis and implement the updated version in a way that is fast and convenient for our customers.

Lift your business into the clouds

The PentaTAX tax and excise platform

PentaTax will help you comply with your statutory tax and customs and excise reporting obligations. The platform integrates tools that support processing of official notices and information flows between the company and public administration. Thanks to the cloud service, you always have PentaTax wherever you have the Internet, regardless of the device.

PentaTMS transportation platform

The PentaTMS (Transportation Management System) platform supports the planning, monitoring, billing and management of means of transport. With the cloud service, PentaTMS is available on any Internet-connected device, from any corner of the world.


Airvein is the answer to the growing market demand for unmanned drone transport. The innovative formula of the system revolutionizes the delivery of small cargo in urban spaces. Data stored in the cloud is completely secure and any equipment failure does not threaten data loss.

Software as a Service

  • Access to solutions anywhere
  • Payment model according to actual usage
  • Access to advanced applications
  • No need for users to purchase and install specialized software
  • Technical support and assistance from Pentacomp specialists

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