Improve your business on the basis of competence

Using Microsoft Azure to build your company’s applications supports flexible performance management of your business and ultimately contributes to faster growth.

Cloud services are chosen increasingly for their attractiveness in terms of costs and the ability to manage selected IT-related processes more predictably and efficiently.

At Pentacomp, we believe that innovation, technology, competence and knowledge change the quality of business. We know how important access to data and information reliability and security are.

How do we do this at Pentacomp?

SaaS Data Analytics

The combination of Power BI and Microsoft Azure allows efficient real-time data analysis and to view information in real-time without investing in costly licenses and the purchase and maintenance of infrastructure. The solution delivery model is based on paying only for the level of application usage.

As experts in analytical and reporting systems, we appreciate this potential and create Business Intelligence class solutions that use it effectively. With these we help our clients to monitor the most important aspects of their business and make more accurate decisions in the context of customer service, logistics, marketing and sales.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Airvein is a complete, autonomous transport system based on cargo drones. It operates in U-Space, the airspace in urban areas. It consists of advanced control software, a fleet of specialized unmanned aircraft, ground infrastructure and reliable, redundant communication.

We based the system architecture on the Azure platform. We used the IoT Hub component, which enabled communication between drones and hangars. This makes it possible to control the fleet of drones during transport missions. Airvein is easy to configure, has a high throughput and is easily scalable, and communication between the application and the devices it manages is smooth and secure.

e-Services in the Cloud

In cooperation with one of the best business schools in Europe, we created a cloud service platform that provides students and staff with an easy and convenient way to use the school’s electronic resources. Submitting applications and requests, confirmation of attendance or registration for university events are now possible from anywhere, at any time and from a single account, including on mobile devices.

One of the most important elements of the system are secure mechanisms for managing rights and users. The platform unifies authentication and authorization and transfers certificates between systems. It also enables determination of the security level of devices used and activities performed from them.

Why enter the cloud with Pentacomp?

  • nearly 10 years of experience implementing cloud solutions
  • the knowledge and competence of the best specialists in the use Microsoft Azure.
  • reduction of investment expenditures on the purchase of hardware and software.
  • The highest security standards to protect data, applications and infrastructure from potential threats.

Take advantage of our knowledge and choose the Cloud for your company!

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