The highest quality in audits

At Pentacomp, auditing website accessibility according to the WCAG standard is performed by a team experienced in both technical aspects and understanding various types of disabilities and challenges that users face. Broad experience in both programming and testing enables us to look at accessibility from different perspectives. This facilitates the effective identification, understanding, and handling of the most complex technical challenges.

Experts use a range of tools to ensure the highest quality of services in website accessibility audits according to the WCAG standard.

Selected tools

Tools for automated testing

They help quickly identify accessibility issues, such as incorrect HTML tags or lack of alternative texts for images. Developer browsers are a fundamental tool that allows verification of HTML code.

Tools for manual testing

Accessibility audits cannot be fully automated. Manual tests are extremely important to ensure that a website or application is fully accessible to people with various types of disabilities.

Examples of tools we use:

  • WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) is an online validator for the digital accessibility of websites offered by WebAIM.
  • ARC Toolkit is a browser extension that allows for quick and effective testing of individual pages for accessibility.
  • Accessibility Insights for Android – an application that allows for semi-automated accessibility testing.
  • Screen readers for simulating experiences of blind or visually impaired users: NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), VoiceOver.
  • Color contrast assessment tool for websites: WCAG Colour Contrast Checker.

During testing, we also collaborate with people with various types of disabilities to faithfully replicate their experiences and ensure that the tested application is fully accessible to all users.

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