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Why Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a platform that offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating business solutions. It gives you the freedom to create applications and services in different technologies and environments and manage them in a global structure. Thanks to the combination of the competence and experience of Pentacomp experts with Microsoft Azure technologies, our customers can scale their operations and do business with lower costs, paying only for the resources they use. 95% of Fortune 500 companies have put their trust in Azure.

Pentacomp in the cloud

Cloud Competence

Using Microsoft Azure to build your company’s applications supports flexible performance management of your business, and ultimately contributes to faster growth.


Cloud Solutions

We provide our customers with SaaS solutions. This means they do not have to invest in hardware or worry about software installation and updates.


Projects using Cloud Technology

Pentacomp is a business partner of the National Cloud, the most specialized provider of cloud computing solutions on the Polish market.


Get to know the benefits and possibilities of solutions and services using Microsoft Azure.

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