Solutions built and implemented by Pentacomp for Healthcare in Poland form a central platform enabling the management and exchange of data between system participants.

These solutions are based on interoperability standards which are crucial to health Information exchange and ability to analyse data. Standard salso decrease overall costs of integration and maintenance of the entire e-health ecosystem at the country level.

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Health Information Exchange Infrastructure


Medical Registers Platform


Domain Systems in Healthcare


Health Information Exchange Infrastructure

Electronic prescription

Replacement of paper prescriptions with the electronic ones enables seamless monitoring and control of the medical activities. Government obtains an instrument to better manage the financial reimbursement process. Healthcare system benefits from e-prescribing due to less time spent to complete the prescription and get the drugs.

What is important, e-prescription brings a lot of benefits for patients, such as:

  • Instant notification on allergies, substances interactions, duplicated therapies;
  • Elimination of errors on prescriptions;
  • Better safety and clarity concerning the dosing of the drugs.

Electronic referral

Pentacomp has built this solution that helps patients to use the healthcare system to its fullest. Without leaving home, a patient can get a referral electronically on their electronic medical account. It cannot be destroyed nor lost. Waiting in long lines will go down to history.

Electronic Medical Account

The patient-oriented electronic platform helps to manage patient’s healthcare. Online access to the healthcare records gives patients a full insight into the history of:

  • health checks
  • illness diagnosis
  • medical procedures
  • drug prescriptions
  • doctors’ recommendations.

IHE XDS Document repository and registry

The Document Repository is responsible for both the persistent storage of these documents and for their registration with the appropriate Document Registry. Document Registry maintains metadata about each registered document. This includes a link to the Document in the Repository where it is stored.

The Document Registry responds to queries from multiple EHR/HIS systems integrated with HIE about documents meeting specific criteria. It also enforces some healthcare-specific technical policies at the time of document registration.

HL7 FHIR based medical records repository

Complete, purpose-built clinical data repository designed around the HL7 FHIR standard that is used for storing health records. By using our repository, organizations can enable interoperability of their health systems using a standards-based product that leverages the most proven FHIR implementation in the world.

Medical Registers Platform

Central IT platform that propagates electronic communication, integrates and provides entrepreneurs with e-government services in the area of the healthcare sector.

Medical registers – goals:

  • Improvement of data quality
  • providing e-services for healthcare actors
  • ensuring data exchange
  • trusted source of data
  • to implement advanced e-services for citizens (e.g. e-prescription, e-referral, exchange of medical data).

Avaiable medical registries:

  • Registry of Healthcare Providers
  • Registry of Pharmacies
  • Register of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
  • Register of Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Register of Doctors
  • Register of Nurses and Midwives
  • Register of Pharmacists
  • Register of Medicinal Products.

Domain Systems in Healthcare

The main purpose of domain systems is to improve business processes related to access to information on the circulation of medicinal products.

  • Solution processes data necessary to issue a decision on the reimbursement of a drug, foodstuff for particular nutritional purposes or a medical device.
  • The system collects and processes data on the organisation and course of training of medical personnel enabling effective information flow about the education process between individuals according to the law.
  • This is a tool thanks to which the appropriate institutions are able to effectively implement the drug policy of the state.

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